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Real-time cloud software helps you grow you business and keeps your customers happy. You have total control and visibility of your orders.

All-in-One Cloud Software

SmartShip have developed a cloud-based order fulfilment software so you can access using any web browsers, on any cross-platform devices , around the world. We continue improving the software with the latest Internet technologies and adding new services that support your business needs and also we listen to our clients requirement to improved our cloud software.

Order Portal

SmartShip Portal  Cloud software has integrated with major online marketplace, including eBay and Amazon, and offer integration to your website. The end-to-end communications between our software and your sales channels allow us to retrieve orders as they come in, eliminate manual importing of data and trigger email notifications to you and your customers.

One Fulfilment offers developers simple API, or “Application Programming Interface”, to communicate between your e-commerce website and our fulfilment software. This allows your business to automate the order fulfilment tasks – from the moment your customer pay for their shopping to the parcel arrives at their door-step. Our API documentation is available to download from the control panel.

We have fully integrated with Royal Mail and major courier services that not just offering you discounted shipping rates, but also shipment tracking for each and every deliveries. Depending on the shipping service use, shipping status updates automatically as the parcel travel from one point to another within the shipping network.

We provide clear breakdown of fulfilment fees, including pick & pack, shipping cost and packaging used. Our order fulfilment software automatically allocates each order with the fastest, cheapest shipping service and most appropreate packaing materials. We can also provide additional services such as inserting promotional items.

Inventory Portal

The inventory listing gives you an overview of all your products, their current stock level, expected inbound inventory, dimensions, preferred packaging etc. Once the software has built up sufficient order data, you will be able to see how your products perform and find out the top selling products.

You can upload products using a CSV or add them manully. You can modify the details of each and every products as and when needed, and delete old product when there is no stock left in our fulfilment centre.

The software will trigger low stock alerts when the stock level of a product drops below your threshold.

You can create removal orders to ship obsolete products back to you or instruct us to dispose or donate them. To improve accuracy and efficiency of your inventory, our software will alert you for any inactive products.

Goods-in Portal

Our fulfilment software help you track all inbound shipments. Once you have prepared your shipment, booked in for delivery and upload the packing details. When your shipment arrives into our fulfilment centre, we will check all the items and sort them into their allocated pick bins, ready for pick and pack your orders. We will highlights damaged products, short or over deliveries.

Returns Portal

According to online shopping survey, half of all returns were due to incorrect update your account and sent you and your customers email notifications. Both you and your customers can then track them online, enabling you to refund customers and re-stock products fast.

Offering returns shipping label keeps your customer happy and they’ll buy from you again if the returns process is easy. Our software lets you generate shipping label directly from the Returns portal, reduce the time and money you spent on returns management.

With our returns service, you retain full control of the process. You can choose what happens to returned items – you can either instruct us to dispose them as they arrive, or inspect them so that we can re-stock them, rework (re-packaging), dispose them or forward them to you.

Billing Portal

One Fulfilment software gives transparent pricing to all services you used, including fulfilment fees, monthly subscription of pick bins (storage), returns handling and other extra service charges. You can top up Prepay account manually or set-up Auto Prepay.

There are six charges when you outsource to One Fulfilment:

    1. Pick & pack fee per item
    2. Shipping postage per order
    3. Packaging materials, e.g. mailing bags or boxes
    4. Storage subscription fee per SKU per month
    5. Inbound shipment processing per item.
    6. Returns handling fee per item.

We also provide charge services such as promotions inserts and special assignments (hourly rate).

With our Prepay facility you can add credit to your account using a credit/debit card or PayPal account. Whenever we fulfil your sales order, your account gets debited the fulfilment fees. By activating Auto Prepay, your account gets top-up automatically whenever you’re running low. This will ensure undisrupted order fulfilment services. All funds in your Prepay account are valid indefinitely, as long as you use your account at least once a year.

Billing report is available live and shows the daily, weekly and monthly spending against orders shipped. You can download all transactions into CSV for your accountig purposes.

If you think our service is what your business needs, then our stress-free order fulfilment is just one click away!