Mail Fulfilment

Mail fulfilment is the process of preparing and sending printed materials, such as letters, leaflets, coupons, or brochures, to a target audience.

Direct mail, invoices, and statements printed, prepared and posted at the possible lowest cost. Let us support your business with professional direct marketing and mail fulfilment services. We will print and pack your mailing and provide postal services at the lowest market rates.

Mail fulfilment can be a cost-effective and efficient way to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals. If you are interested in mail fulfilment services, you can contact SmartShip Ireland, and we will be happy to assist you with your requirement.

Envelope Printing and Supply:

We can supply virtually any envelopes your campaign may require, from standard plain envelopes (window or non-window) to full colour custom-size envelopes.
An important point to consider when ordering envelopes is to determine whether you require wallet (open on the long side for machine insertion) or pocket envelopes (open on the short side, generally for hand insertion).

To maximise cost benefits in processing, it is also critical to consider whether you need gummed envelopes (machine insertion) or self-seal envelopes, which require more costly manual insertion.

Label Printing and Application

From data supplied (or from a database we build for you) we can print address or generic labels for application by machine or by hand, whatever your situation demands. Application of labels by machine requires labels to be printed on rolls or on fan-folded and perforated material. Where small quantities are involved, application of labels to material can be performed by hand, in which case labels can be supplied in any form.


We can fold in great numbers and at very high speeds. This process is generally for folding laser quality material from A3 to A4 to A5 or to DL and other sizes in between.

Of course, for material that cannot be folded by machine, we can perform this function by hand.


At some point in any direct mail campaign the material has to get into the envelopes, and without ample personnel or equipment that can be a time-consuming chore.

We can insert up to three items, depending on the material into several formats of envelopes (including C6, C5, C4 or DL) by machine.

On the other hand, to insert more than six items, or material that isn’t suitable for insertion by machine, our hand-packing department can manage the job with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.